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The planets.

99 Worlds is a galaxy that use to be a very famous outpost in the 2nd republic and highly populated at that time. During the fall of the 2nd republic, much of the worlds were left on their own as the highly secret maps of the pilots guild were lost. Many worlds are believed to have not seen a starship since the fall of the 2nd republic – Others may have created their own technology or are still using ships that they had and are not even aware that the emperor claims them.

One of the great explorer searches known to man is the search for the jumpgates around the 99 worlds and a map of passage. From ancient texts, it is known that the 99 worlds galaxy was reachable in a mere week as compared to the more than a month long trek it takes today. The Decados have made it perfectly clear that they will pay HUGE sums for anyone who can show them the week long trip of the 2nd republic – jumpgates in working order. Most believe this is a fools errand – like searching for the lost ark.

From 2nd republic stories, a Vau planet was included in the 99 worlds, but was never to be approached due to negotiation with the Vau.

Today, most people believe there IS 2nd republic tech, lost souls, and even a Vau planet amongst the 99 worlds.

Wari – Wealthest planet. Famous as the creation planet for the drug Euphoria and main link to rest of the galaxy.
New Delphi – Newly founded planet with extremely fertile moon. No exportation.
Habikia’s Homeplanet – Name TBD – Mostly a struggling agriculture planet with few ship visits.

The ship – needs to be named.

Ship Layout

The back-story.

Habika Hallium’s father has just passed away leaving her quite an opportunity. Her father split his estate and farm between Habika and her older brother, Halstead – but Habika had other dreams. She lusted to take to the stars and asked her brother to buy her out of the estate. Against his better judgements, he scraped all the money he could together – borrowing against the farm to do so and while he’ll still owe Habika some money, he will be a prime investor in Habika’s exploration expedition.

Habika served in the Emperor Wars on the side of the brown coats and fortunately knows of several other capable individuals disappointed by the war outcome who may be willing to join her on the exploration of the 99 world galaxy. She also has alot of contacts who know other capable individuals and of course there are potential fares to take on – such as an explorer/archeologist priest or a companion who might help alieve some of the costs.


The Interplanetary Society for the Advancement and Appreciation of the Arts

How Firefly is different than this campaign.

1. No reaver exist (at least that you know of) in this world. Symbiots are still plenty scary though and still attack at random.

2. Companions will actually be landless or disenfranchised nobles. They will be adopted by a noble minor family known for seduction and work more similar to a guild, but ensure noble companions rather than “whores”. I will discuss more if any PC would like to play a companion. If not, there will not be a companion as part of the crew of the ship.

3. Emperor Wars were between those who wanted a REPUBLIC (the 3rd Republic) and those who wanted the emperor. Church mostly wanted stability, but favored emperor once he said he would make the Church the only religion. Guilds largely favored a republic (but as always there were exceptions), but the Church’s endorsement with a few key battle losses – brought the guilds to the negotiating table and the emperor wars came to an end. The war ended a mere three years ago as the emperor is quickly attempting to gain control in all of the known realms.

4. Ship is not of the firefly class and will have at least one ship gun.

Game Rule modifications and GM notes to players

1. GM will not be leaving the room during the game. Character knowledge will be important and if in doubt about whether your character knows something, please just ask. Notes being passed is okay, but unless prep’ed before the game, GM will respond to secret notes openly. Secrets from players ARE possible, but will require some out-of-game work, pre-game start work, or cleaver wording.

2. 2 XP will be given for each background detail. By background detail, I mean providing the GM with a significant person, interesting historical event, etc. Expectation is that this background detail would be at least a paragraph in length providing the GM with more understanding about your character and with details to introduce into the game later. Chatting with the GM is ENCOURAGED before writing up the details on this. GM reserves the right to demand more writing for the XP spend – despite word count or to change a few details in order to work into the plot. MAX of 5 background details or 10 XP. This deal is only available at game start.

3. DO NOT plan to make it rich. If this is a goal of your character, realize as the player, your character will never reach this goal. Money will be a limiting factor in this game.

4. Think about WHY your character would go to the verge of the known realms of humanity and put themselves in this ship. I would really like all players to have different objectives that tie them together as I think THIS will best capture firefly. Be sure to think of what your character was doing during the war, after the war, how she feels about the church….

5. I’m going to try out the Justin version of changing how things happen – rewinding the story and telling things a bit out of order etc and altering mechanics of the game if we all agree mid game if things aren’t working.

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